Here we are about to record in the park with our trusty microphone (thanks Alex!)

Welcome to Innovating Classrooms! This site is our podcast home.

The podcast is a Friday arvo chat with Jen, Louise and sometimes guests (we love having guests!), a way to record the journey of our own innovations and to find out what other educators are doing. It is also a really nice way to end the week (we usually dissolve into unrecoverable hilarity by 5pm and call it a day). We publish the podcast early the following week.

We are secondary English teachers, working at an inner city school in Perth, Western Australia. Our school is brand new this year so we’ve only been working together for just on a year, but what a year it has been! Even leaving aside the shared global experiences of 2020, it has been a wild ride.

The podcast is a chance for us to unpack, debrief, challenge each other and ponder our journey to implementing a model of teaching and learning based on The Modern Classrooms Project and then tweaked for our context and priorities. If you haven’t come across MCP and you are interested in student-centred learning, I urge you to check out their free course.

In the meantime, stick around for the podcasts and please send us an email if you have comments, would like more information, want to be a guest (don’t be shy!), have feedback for us (we are podcast newbies…) or just to say ‘hey!’. It would be great to connect with you.

If you live in Perth and would like to come and see our classroom, please get in touch. We love having visitors!

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