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Episode 14: Experiences in adapting the model

Jen and Louise talk to Matt Titmanis about his experiences in implementing the model in Science…and then get sidetracked by a discussion on assessment and big ideas for more innovations (of course).

Mentioned in this episode is Kareem Farah’s interview (one of three) on the Cult of Pedagogy Podcast.

Episode 12: How we use cognitive load theory

Jen and Louise discuss their growing knowledge of cognitive load theory and how it is informing their work in the classroom.

Mentioned in this episode:

Cognitive Load Theory in Action by Oliver Lovell

TES podcast on timetables informed by cognitive load theory (this is the one Jen couldn’t remember the name of!)

Minisode 1: What I’m reading

Jen gives a quick run down of educational books she has been reading.

Mentioned in this minisode:

Rosenshine’s Principles in Action by Tom Sherrington

Sweller’s Cognitive Load Theory in Action by Oliver Lovell

The Knowledge Gap by Natalie Wexler

Thinking Reading: what every secondary teacher needs to know about reading by James and Dianne Murphy

Innovate Inside the Box: empowering learners through UDL and the Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros with Katie Novak

Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky

Flip the System Australia: what matters in education edited by Deborah M. Netolicky, Jon Andrews and Cameron Paterson

Teach Like a Champion 2.0: 62 techniques that put students on the path to college by Doug Lemov

Episode 10: Sharing the load

Jen and Louise reflect on a strange first week of the year plus discuss strategies to improve the ways teachers can share their workload to improve their use of time and gain benefits in student outcomes and teacher development. Pretty cool!

Episode 8: Social and emotional learning in our model

Our first ep for 2021!

Jen and Louise talk to Marni Klein, a consultant who has been working with our school to embed social and emotional learning in our culture and classrooms. Hear what she has to say about how we do this and what’s next in this space.

Episode 7: Innovating with creativity – part two

Jen and Louise speak to Mathilda Joubert about using creativity to achieve incredible things in the classroom. Mathilda gives some evidence and data from her research as well as frameworks to help teachers embed more creativity in their classrooms.

Mentioned on the episode:

Creative Schools – the program Louise was involved with this year

Sir Ken Robinson’s work

All Our Future’s: Creativity, Culture and Education

Episode 6: Innovating with creativity – part one

Jen and Louise talk to Claire Davenhall, the incredible international artist who worked with Louise in her classroom this year, all about how creativity creates spaces for learning.

Mentioned in this episode:

Claire’s website

Creative Schools

Episode 5: What we would do differently

Jen and Louise reflect on the model they have been using in their classroom this year and talk about all the things they would change or do differently.

Mentioned in the episode:

Innovating Classrooms Conversations with Educators – Our website

The Modern Classrooms Project – The model we are using initially came from The Modern Classrooms Project and the free online course they provide

Episode 4: Contemplations of a considering teacher

Jen and Louise talk to Matt Titmanis – Head of Science, about why he is contemplating moving to a Modern Classrooms approach next year, what he wants to achieve, what challenges he sees and how he will lead this big change for his department.

Mentioned in the episode:

The Modern Classrooms Project

Episode 3: Strengths and challenges

Jen and Louise talk with Cherie Mcelhinney, a teacher who worked with us this year, about the strengths of their teaching approach, as well as some of the challenges with teaching in this way.

Mentioned in the episode:

The Modern Classrooms Project

Episode 2: The model and team teaching

Jen and Louise break down the model they are using in their classroom and talk about how the many different components work together to create a highly engaging and student-driven learning environment.

Mentioned in the episode:

The Modern Classrooms Project

Creative Schools